Pushش ف

(shove, force) ~을 밀어젖히다, 밀어내다, 밀쳐 내다 동 (타) If you want to get out, you need to push the door instead of pulling it. ( Quân sự) Cuộc tấn công mãnh liệt, cuộc đánh thúc vào

    الطريق البري بين السعودية ع مان
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  2. persuade
  3. لن تدفعنى لأى رد فعل أيها المحامي
  4. : push: Whenever I try to get near her, she pushes me away
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  6. Add a website where the web push ads will be delivered to
  7. Push Push (band), a New Zealand rock band
  8. The fitness instructor asked the class to do 20 pushups